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Why Bicy?

Bicy Insurance is designed especially for the modern Cyclist, looking after the rider as well as the bike they ride.

So whether you use your bike to commute to work, or purely for leisure; our policies are designed to meet your needs and more.

What’s more, not only do we cover your bicycle in the event of an accident; we’ve got you covered too with our fully comprehensive personal accident and legal expenses covers.

We even throw in ID theft cover as standard. Now that’s a lot of coverage for your money!

What do you get with Bicy?

Bike Theft Cover

Accidental Damage Cover

Mechanical Breakdown Cover

Public Liability Cover

(Up To £1M)

Personal Accident Cover

(Up To £10,000)

A Brand New Replacement Bike

If Yours Is Damaged Beyond Repair

60-Day Worldwide Cover

So if your bike is less than 3 years old you’re eligible for this comprehensive cover – even if it happens outside of the UK.

The comprehensive Cycling Insurance designed to meet all your needs

Did you know?
According to Road.cc there were 64,500 reported bicycle thefts in 2021, that’s 7 every hour. *
In 2020, Gov.uk reported that 141 pedal cyclists were killed in Great Britain, whilst 4,215 were reported to be seriously injured and 11,938 slightly injured. **
Only half of cyclists in the UK currently have adequate insurance or none at all according to Road.cc ***


Theft, Accidental Damage, Extended Warranty, Personal Accident (up to £10,000), Public liability cover (up to £1 million) and 60 days international cover.

  • Never admit that it was your fault
  • Note the driver’s name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance details
  • Take names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least two witnesses
  • Ring the helpline. We are here to help you through this traumatic situation
  • Report the accident to the police
  • If injured ensure that you seek medical advice from a hospital or your GP
  • Photograph visible injuries
  • Keep any damaged clothing and cycle parts and try to obtain a written assessment of the damaged items
  • If you incur any expenses as a direct result of the accident, make sure you keep a full record of these along with receipts where appropriate


No, all helpline calls are answered by highly qualified professionals who can help and assist you straight away.

Our cycling helpline is answered 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday by a person based here in the UK and outside of these hours by a voicemail facility where you will be called back as soon as possible by a person trained to help you.


Bicy - From the same team that brought you gadget-cover.com. with over 25 years of experience. 

Get Bicy today and ride along with peace of mind