Cycle Locks And Security

1. At times my cycle may be parked in town or at a train station bike rack for a number of hours, what is the policy on this?

We understand that cycles can't always be kept indoors. If you need to leave your bicycle at work, university, train station, a shop or similar, you need to ensure that it's locked to an immovable object using one of our approved locks. You can only leave your bike unattended for a maximum of 12 hours.

2. What is an approved lock?

Required approved locks are listed below and can be purchased from any supplier:

Cycles up to the value of £250 require a Bronze-rated Sold Secure lock  Cycles up to the value of £1500 require a Silver-rated Sold Secure lock  Cycles that have a value exceeding £1500 require a Gold-rated Sold Secure lock

Click here to go directly to the Sold Secure locks website

3. How will you determine if I have used an approved lock?

In the event of a claim, we will require a copy of the receipt for the approved lock and also the damaged lock where applicable, which must be provided at your own cost.

4. My lock is not on your approved list. What should I do?

All the locks on our list have been tested by Sold Secure. We are confident that they provide the best defence against bicycle theft. We would recommend that you buy one of our approved locks.

If you feel that your lock offers the same protection to a lock on our list, then you can call us to see whether it is suitable on 0203 794 9304.