What is covered?


Theft, Accidental Damage, Extended Warranty, Personal Accident (up to £10,000), Public liability cover (up to £1 million) and 60 days international cover.


At times my cycle may be parked in town or at a train station bike rack for a number of hours, what is the policy on this?


We understand that cycles can’t always be kept indoors. If you need to leave your bicycle unattended whilst at work or university or at a train station, a shop or similar, you need to ensure that it’s locked to an immovable object using one of our approved locks. Your policy will not provide cover if you have left your bicycle unattended for longer than 12 hours at a time.


What is an approved lock?


Required approved locks are listed below and can be purchased from any supplier:

Cycles up to the value of £250 require a Bronze-rated Sold Secure lock  Cycles up to the value of £1500 require a Silver-rated Sold Secure lock  Cycles that have a value exceeding £1500 require a Gold-rated Sold Secure lock

Click here to go directly to the Sold Secure locks website


If I am involved in a cycling accident with another vehicle on the road, what should I do?


- Never admit that it was your fault

- Note the driver’s name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance details

- Take names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least two witnesses

- Ring the helpline. We are here to help you through this traumatic situation

- Report the accident to the police

- If injured ensure that you seek medical advice from a hospital or your GP

- Photograph visible injuries

- Keep any damaged clothing and cycle parts and try to obtain a written assessment of the damaged items

- If you incur any expenses as a direct result of the accident, make sure you keep a full record of these along with receipts where appropriate