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E-bicycle Insurance

The Electric assisted bicycle phenomenon is sweeping the country. In the UK, ‘Electric Bike’ is searched approx. 202k times per month, which is the equivalent of just over 2.4M searches per year!

Choosing an E-bike can make tackling ‘that hill’ a thing of the past and it’s a fun and accessible way for many of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and ‘bike-packing’!

The environmental benefits are an attractive concept as well. With your E-bike using ‘clean’ energy and improving air quality, it results in fewer cars on the roads making them safer for everyone.

We can’t talk about E-bikes without mentioning the financial aspects. Not only can you avoid car park and hefty fuel charges, you can also take advantage of Cycle to Work schemes.

So whether you are a veteran cyclist or a new rider, the benefits of moving to an electric bicycle cannot be underestimated!

What’s covered in your Bicy policy?

For Your E-bicycle

Accidental Damage
Theft Cover
Mechanical Breakdown
Worldwide Cover
New for Old Replacement

For You

Personal Accident Cover up to £10,000
Personal Liability Cover
Legal Expenses up to £100,000
ID Theft Cover up to £25,000
  • Personal Accident

  • We will pay the amount shown below if, at any time whilst you are using the bicycle, you are involved in an accident which solely and independently of any other cause, leads to bodily injury which results in your death, loss of limb, loss of sight or permanent disablement.  Cover is up to £10,000.

  • Public Liability

  • We’ll pay up to £1 million against any third party claims made against you if you injure someone or damage their property whilst cycling.

  • Worldwide Cover

  • Whether you’re planning an adventure along the Coast of Southern Europe or a trip through the mountains and villages of South America, you’ll be in good hands with us.   You’ll be covered for up to 60 days per year anywhere in the world. During that time abroad your cover will be as usual.

  • Theft Cover

  • If your bike is stolen, we will offer you a replacement bicycle as new.  If the bicycle cannot be replaced with a new and identical bicycle to the one that was insured, we will replace it with one of comparable specifications or the equivalent value of the original bicycle (minus depreciation if applicable).

  • Accidental Damage

  • If your bike or any of its insured parts and accessories is damaged, we’ll pay the costs.

  • Mechanical Breakdown

  • If you find your bike has a defect in the parts or workmanship from the manufacturer and is out of warranty, we’ll get it sorted.

Additional Benefits

  • New for Old Replacement

  • Provided your e-bike is under two years old from the time of manufacture, we’ll replace it with a brand new e-bicycle if it gets stolen or damaged beyond repair.

  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • If you have a cycling accident giving rise to a claim, our legal team is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to offer specialist advice and, where appropriate, take over the claim on your behalf. Cover is up to £100,000.

  • ID Theft Cover

  • If you’ve been the victim of Identity Theft, we’ve got specialists on hand to help you through the legal proceedings associated with getting yourself back. Cover is up to £25,000.

Additional Benefits

Services we provide

Flexible Payment Dates

Our Interest free payment plan allow for you to pick your preferred payment date allowing you to safely manage your payments

UK Based Customer Support

Our Portsmouth based contact centre are happy to answer your questions by either Phone, Email or of via our Webchat service. We also have a 24/7 Claims Notification Portal